Review #167: I need real Zeke, like right now.



Title: How to Date a Douchebag: Failing Hours
Author: Sara Ney
Series: How to Date a Dochebag #2
Published: 31th January 2017

When I ended Oz’s and Jameson’s history, at first I was shocked, because how this book could be sooo good? Next I had a thought that there couldn’t be any better New Adult book than this. I read a lot of good NA books, but this was something different a fresh air after spending all day by the desk. But then the second book of Failing Hours was published and I… Felt for it.

I hate when our main heroine is weak and has no confidence, and thats what i thought about Violet when I first met her. In the few first chapters she was such a crybaby, but then! she changes. And I mean it in a good way. She becomes really funny and just fragile character, we, as readers, starts to understand her and her feelings. In the opposite of her stands this guy – Zeke Daniels, the biggest Douche I have ever met and also (I must write this) the sexiest douche I have ever met. I thought that I loved Oz (from the first book) but now I know that I was just enchanted by him and I am trully in love with Zeke. The reast of the characters, are also colorful ones, expecially Violets roommates – I loved them.

If we are talking about the plot, it’s not the perfect one, but it’s so charming and just electric, that I couldn’t put it away. I was stuck to the words and couldn’t move away. But first – the romance, of course it’s the best and the most important part of the book. The chemistry between those two and their chats are so good I can’t ever find the words. They are hillarious and just fun to read. Love, Sara Ney’s writing skills. Second – theirs own stories, which are not original but, again, with the best writing skills, becomes the most emotional and absorbing ones. Just love it.

If it wasn’t Sara Ney, who wrote that book, it woulnd’t be so damn good. I love it, adore it and just can’t forget about it. It moved my heart: the characters, the plot, the romance and of course – chats between our main heroes. I felt for Zeke and became best friends with Violet, what else do I need? Oh! I know. The third book about the Douches!

Thank you Sara Ney for letting me read it ♥




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